Master Class: Cuneiform Epigraphy

Gruppenphoto Masterclass
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The master class Cuneiform Epigraphy aims at introducing Master students to deal with original clay tablets. In this one-week intensive course students will get in touch with basic scientific and methodological techniques of highly practical relevance, focusing on the deciphering of original clay tablets, autographing as well as digital drawing. You will work in small study groups individually supervised by teachers who all excel in their expertise of different cuneiform documents.

The Uruk Warka collection is one of the few collections of original clay tablets that serves as a teaching collection. It comprises a broad variety of documents covering over 3,000 years of Ancient Near Eastern written record. You will get in touch with diverse genuine clay tablets which might be divinatory or magical records as well as loan contracts, matrimonial agreements or indentures.

Moreover the research project “Edition of cuneiform literary texts from Assur” funded by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences resulted in an unparalleled photo archive documenting over 11,000 clay tablets so far found in Assur. You will not only benefit from this excellent research infrastructure but also from the extraordinary Heidelberg competence in cuneiform epigraphy acquired within this research project.

Learning with and from each other is a central component of the Heidelberg master class. Thus, we seek personalities who enjoy enriching the group with their competences, experiences, and commitment. Achieve your goals in an inspiring learning environment that combines academic excellence and an exceptional diversity of perspectives.

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