The Assyriology Institute at the Heidelberg University provides a dynamic research environment: long-standing expertise in the decipherment of original cuneiform texts goes hand in hand with the research on the materiality of texts, which accords equal importance to both the text and the medium which carries it.

The Uruk-Warka Collection in Heidelberg presents a unique opportunity of closely following the millennia long history of the Ancient Near East by studying original artefacts. The variety of research interests of the professors, scholars and doctoral candidates based in Heidelberg, as well as the international character of the Institute are its distinguishing features.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Maul

Prof. Dr. Stefan Maul

Professor of Assyriology (Altorientalistik) at Heidelberg University and the head of the Research Centre of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften: Edition of the literary cuneiform texts from Assur.

Dr. Betina Faist

Prof. Dr. Betina Faist

Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Assyriology at Heidelberg University. Her research interests include above all the legal and administrative texts from the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE.

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