The Institute for Assyriology of the University of Heidelberg offers a dynamic research environment: Many years of experience in the study of unpublished textual material meets materiality research taking text and artefact equally into account.

The Uruk-Warka Collection resident in Heidelberg enables the experiencing of the history of the ancient Near East first-hand by means of artefacts. The diversity in research interests among professors, researchers, and doctoral students, and the international nature of its members distinguish the Heidelberg Institute for Assyriology. The team directing the Heidelberg Research Laboratory for the Ancient Near East reflects this diversity.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Maul

Prof. Dr Stefan Maul

Is Professor for Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Heidelberg University since 1995. Within his project Edition of cuneiform literary texts from Assur funded by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, he has focused on cuneiform epigraphy.

Prof. Dr. Kai Lämmerhirt

Prof. Dr Kai Lämmerhirt

Holds the Chair of Sumerology at Heidelberg University. He is the curator of the Uruk Warka Collection and thus not only dedicated to deciphering original cuneiform clay tablets, but also an expert in the Sumerian literature of the old Babylonian era.

Dr. Betina Faist

PD Dr Betina Faist

Is Assistant professor at Heidelberg University. Her research interest includes official and legal documents of the 2nd and 1st millennium BC.



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